EDMUNDO CONTRERAS started working in the painted glass handicraft field. He participated in several events as "ARTESANIAS CONTRERAS IMPORT & EXPORT" and was awarded with:

  • First place in the UNESCO prize for handicraft in Latin America / Caribbean (painted glass, 1995).
  • He was awarded the JUAN PABLO VISCARDO Y GUZMÁN medal by the Peruvian Congress (1988).
  • Winner of the prize to the best export-quality product, awarded by CPI PROJECT-MINCETUR PERU (2003).
  • He is part of www.artisanwork.org, as Edmundo Contreras: Reverse Painted Glass (2012)

The November 11, 2011 the company ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI SAC was founded.

INKA MAKI is a Quechua word that means Inca hands, these words define our work as inheritors of this milenary culture.

ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI SAC currently has a group of highly experienced in sector  producing and exporting de peruvian handicrafts,  where quality and innovation are the pillars for the development of our products.

  • The year 2012, Edmundo Contreras, representative of ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI S.A.C, was invited to participate in the working group to define the profiles and competencies of the industrial carpenter in wood (Perú), in charge of Technology Innovation Center wood "CITEMADERA".
  • The year 2012 ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI, achievement enter "EXPORT ROUTE" program of Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Export and Tourism "PROMPERU", successfully completing the first phase of the program in 2014, being honored for their outstanding participation throughout the entire program by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism "Magaly Silva".
  • 2013, ARTESANIAS INKA MAKI, enter "CERTIFICATION INDUSTRIAL CARPENTER OF THE WOOD " program, in charge of the Center for Technological Innovation of the wood, "CITEMADERA" and the Ministry of Production of Peru, where we get more than 60% of staff obtained your certificate. Upon completion of the program, our company won the "CCIEM" certificate.
  • Currently we come exporting directly and indirectly to various countries of the world being the main United States, Canada, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates as well as other countries such as Australian, Spain, Qatar, among others.